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Appearances Matter

How Your Website Looks Says a Lot About Your Business

Increasingly, websites are the first point of a contact that a consumer/client makes with your business. Ignoring this fact is easy, because one doesn't physically see them walk in the door, and then leave without so much as a hello. But, a failed engagement is what it is.

A badly designed website is often the cause of a quick departure. It creates an awful first impression and it doesn't help foster any trust in the service you're offering or in your business. It really isn't any different from a real world meeting for which you forgot to shave and wore some dirty clothes. It says the wrong things to the very people you need to impress.

There's another piece on this site that talks about usability and design working in tandem to create a positive brand experience, and while that's completely true, you often don't get the usability without the design.

We get that and want to work with you to develop an image for your company that fits well, looks great and offers your website visitor an easy to understand environment within which you can engage them with your content.

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Once upon a long ago, we asked a client of ours why he ended up hiring us for his company's logo design project. He said that, amongst other things, he really liked our name — it made him think of "Hire us, we suck less!"

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