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Print Advertising and Design

Print is Where it all Started for Us and We Love it Dearly!

Frankly, most designers not still wearing diapers started out designing for print. That's all there was a while back, so our skills were honed here for several years before jumping over.

There isn't anything better than a pointed, yet communicative headline, the singular-focus of a powerful image or the precision of a tightly composed paragraph of body copy. Nothing beats the rush that one gets when an ad runs and manages to resonate with its audience.

Espresso (Coffee House)

This ad is part of an ongoing campaign which promotes a different topic every month.

Espresso is Pakistan's leading chain of premier coffee houses.

Category: Print, Poster Advertising


Simple Dimple Khaosuey Palace (Food Delivery)

This ad was aimed at creating a resurgence of demand for home delivery of meals after the conclusion of Ramadan, a month of fasting.

SDKP is a fast-growing home delivery service catering Burmese, Thai and Japanese cuisines at affordable prices.

Category: Print Advertising


Taneez (Home Accessories)

This ad was designed to promote Taneez's high-end sterling silver range of products.

Taneez is Pakistan's largest retailer of sterling silver and silver plated home accessories.

Category: Print Advertising


HSBC (Banking)

HSBC was expanding in to the three major cities in Pakistan and wanted to announce it with a bold, bright print campaign.

HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. The Group's international network comprises more than 260,000 employees in over 9,700 offices in 77 countries and territories, operating in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

Category: Print Advertising


ARY Digital Network (Broadcasting)

ARY Digital Network
Targeted at potential advertisers, the ad's goal was to inform them of ARY's tremendous reach, locally and in international markets.

ARY Digital Network caters to the needs of South Asians, particularly the Pakistani diaspora. The network is considered a pioneer in Pakistani media and broadcasting and has an expanding range of channels, each with an independent focus.

Category: Print Advertising


Habib Metropolitan Bank (Banking)

Habib Metropolitan Bank
Habib Bank AG Zurich (Pakistan operations) and Metropolitan Bank were merging. The merged bank would operate under the new name of Habib Metropolitan Bank.

Habib Metropolitan Bank is a private bank operating in all major cities of Pakistan with primary focus on retail banking and trade finance.

Category: Print Advertising

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