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Some of Our Clients, Listed

We have a reasonably long roster of satisfied clients and we've listed some of them below. If you're curious about what we did for any of them, drop us a line and we'll be happy to discuss project scopes with you (for jobs where a NDA didn't rear its ugly head).

Some client names have deliberately been withheld upon request (Same NDA issue).

  • Yahoo
  • Cork and Tee
  • AFH
  • TerraPass
  • Global Leisure Partners
  • BzzAgent
  • Apeiron Partners LLC
  • The Frankel Group
  • IDG Publishing
  • Global Leisure Partners
  • VoiceLog LLC
  • Center for Business Solutions
  • Wilhelm Associates
  • The Hartford Insurance Co.
  • Visage Online
  • Solomon-Lawrence Partners
  • The Errigo Group
  • Ascentive LLC
  • Spiral Partners LLC
  • Edgemont Capital Partners
  • Sunlight Supply, Inc.
  • Elance
  • New Age Media
  • Easton Associates LLC
  • BuyTelco, Inc.
  • Y Productions
  • Z!ng PR
  • Coastal Software & Consulting
  • e:division
  • Resources Plus
  • Selective Eye
  • Impex Technologies
  • FAEM
  • VoiceLogMed
  • AboutFace Models
  • MPC
  • Bank AlFalah
  • CIAN Systems
  • Hair Systems 2000
  • Askari Commercial Bank
  • Habib Bank AG Zurich
  • Anchor Shipping & Trading
  • Arts & Gems
  • Taneez
  • Jubilee Spinning & Weaving Mills
  • Harry's Bread
  • AVA Water
  • Brandcom Advertising
  • Lowe & Rauf Advertising
  • The Rock
  • PakSearch
  • LinkUp
  • Metatex
  • MMT
  • The Reformers
  • Mushko (HP representative)
  • Berlitz
  • Concern for Children
  • Cressol
  • Beautiful Impressions
  • InfoEdge (
  • 2020 Marketing

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