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Clients Waxing Lyrical About, uh, Us

Client testimonials are a really awkward thing to deal with. They always have a tendency to be really complimentary, and often, a little over the top.

I guess that's the nature of the beast really. We have to solicit them and publicize them, so you can read good stuff about us and feel comfortable about contracting us for some of your work. But somewhere in the back of your mind, you're thinking that all of this just drips with too much sugar.


It'd be fun to post some stinkers, but we've never really gotten any. That's probably got less to do with the fact that every single client left smiling, but more so, because no super-enraged client has yet taken the time to be insulting in writing!


Arlene Solomon - Solomon Lawrence Partners

Vikram Krishnan - The Frankel Group

David Blume - Edgemont Capital Partners

Paul Roberts - Spiral Partners

Sam Clemens - Elance

Cesca L. Cecilio - The Errigo Group


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Once upon a long ago, we asked a client of ours why he ended up hiring us for his company's logo design project. He said that, amongst other things, he really liked our name — it made him think of "Hire us, we suck less!"

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