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We're an 11 year old design and advertising firm. We're partial to creating things that end up online. We're generally quite well regarded for our work, but you know how it is — one man's design is another man's scribble!

Round the clock, almost

Over half of the projects we're awarded come to us from abroad, primarily the United States. And although we're not a 24/7 shop, we do keep ridiculous hours in order to ensure real-time communication with our international clients via email and instant messaging applications.

Services we offer

The list of services which we offer covers the standard 'design firm' fare; website development, html email design and, of course, the old stalwart, print design (brochures, ads, folders, etc).

How can we help you? If you'd like to collaborate on creating something modern and remarkable that will help you stand out from the crowd, we think we can be of assistance.


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Work Spotlight

Some work we think is worth showing off.

How can we help you out?

We're pretty good at all things design, but we feel that we excel at all things online. That means we can develop (or redevelop) your website design or create you a killer HTML email. All you need to do is get the ball rolling by requesting a quote.

Hire us, we suck less.

Once upon a long ago, we asked a client of ours why he ended up hiring us for his company's logo design project. He said that, amongst other things, he really liked our name — it made him think of "Hire us, we suck less!"

Get in touch with us, please.

We're the attention-hungry sort, and we really, really love getting emails from clients for things that others may consider trivial. So, go ahead and get in touch, please.